Digital Transformation in the Practice – Where to Start? 🏁


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Stay Up to Date 📰

No matter what you are looking to implement (perhaps it’s online bookings?), inform yourself and stay up to date. Innovation and technological advancements in the healthcare industry are rapid (and have been greatly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic). Therefore, it is worthwhile to keep an eye on industry developments regularly. A good example of this is attending a trade fair, such as IFAS in Zurich, where you can find OneDoc from October 25th to 27th. Our fantastic team will be there with exclusive offers and an on-site contest. 🍾

Provide Transparent Information – And Do so Early Enough 📣

The digital transformation of a practice affects most, if not all, individuals and therefore needs to be communicated accordingly. People generally do not like to be surprised by changes. Therefore, it is worth informing as early as possible (or when enough specific data and information are available). Consider who will be impacted by the planned changes/improvements, even if only indirectly, and provide early and transparent communication.

Additionally, when communicating changes, it is important not only to describe the changes themselves but also the reasons behind them. Experience has shown that employees respond more positively and engage more actively in the process of change when they are informed about the motivations and expected benefits of the changes—a “win-win situation.”

Everything According to Plan 🧭

As with many aspects of life, a solid plan simplifies the process of digital transformation. Utilize your inventory analysis to forge a plan for the digital transformation of your practice. This helps avoid uncertainties, provides a reference point, and enables active communication with stakeholders about the progress being made.

Promote a Digital Culture 📶

Technology that comes with digital transformation is a tool, but the ultimate value is derived from the people behind the wheel. Experiences in the workplace have shown that digital transformation must also occur at the cultural level. Specifically, this means that the organizational culture should enable and promote the optimization and efficiency brought by digitalization (such as through data analysis and interpretation). This may sometimes require adopting a more flexible philosophy and deviating from traditional hierarchies.


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