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The new New Federal Act on Data Protection nFADP) is just around the corner and OneDoc is already in the thick of it as a pioneer. We have taken precautions and already implemented the new rules. So here we answer your burning questions: How is OneDoc implementing the law? What will change for me as a healthcare professional? And a lot more, so stay tuned!

What changes in the New Federal Act on Data Protection?

Of course, there are many changes with the New Federal Act on Data Protection (nFADP), even for healthcare professionals. The keyword in this new nFADP era? Transparency. When collecting private and health-related data, this must be communicated crystal clear. The individuals utilizing your services should always be in control. This means they must be able to consent to or decline how their data is used.

Changes and advice at a glance:

  • Now, anyone can be held accountable for violations of the new Data Protection Act, whether a boss or an employee.
  • Violations can become costly, with fines increased from 10,000 CHF to a significant 250,000 CHF.
  • Conducting a self-assessment of your data security is highly advisable. Ensure your software is up to date and your data is stored with a provider compliant with Swiss laws.
  • It’s crucial for all employees to know how to handle data protection. Additionally, there should be an emergency plan in place in case data is at risk.
  • IT security should be of utmost priority. Therefore, pay attention to secure programs and strong passwords.
  • The new law places significant emphasis on transparency. This means you must clearly inform individuals when collecting their data. These individuals then have the right to consent or decline.
  • Due to these changes, it might be necessary to adjust the privacy information on your website or in correspondence with your clients.

FAQ: Our Answers to Your Questions

Has OneDoc implemented the New Federal Act on Data Protection (nFADP)? Answer: Yes, OneDoc has already implemented the law.

Does OneDoc need to create a new contract due to the changes?
Answer: No, OneDoc does not require a new contract. OneDoc and our contract are already compliant with nFADP.

Are OneDoc’s subcontractors compliant with nFADP?
Answer: Yes, all our subcontractors are compliant with nFADP.

How does OneDoc secure data and is it compliant with nFADP?
Answer: At OneDoc, all data and transmissions are secured within Switzerland. Our system is fully compliant with nFADP due to end-to-end encryption. More information about OneDoc’s data protection can be found HERE.

What does OneDoc’s data processing agreement look like, and is it compliant with nFADP?
Answer: OneDoc has outlined the purposes and methods of data processing for you. Here is our data processing agreement. Naturally, our data processing is compliant with nFADP.

Does OneDoc need to create a new data processing agreement?
Answer: No, our agreement is already compliant with nFADP.

Do you have specific questions or want detailed information about how OneDoc handles data privacy? Simply visit our Privacy Center for more details.

Why does the new law concern us?

In the healthcare industry, we deal with highly sensitive information on a daily basis. Therefore, it’s all the more important to protect this information appropriately and with the necessary means. OneDoc recognized this early on and is committed to providing the highest level of security and protection. In fact, we go a step further by being certified with VDSZ and ISO 27001.

OneDoc has set the goal of offering patients and professionals who use its services and digital products a seamless user experience. Naturally, this includes developing secure systems to counteract hacker attacks and data loss.

Secure Protection, Secured Future

The digitization of the healthcare industry is well underway, and OneDoc is right in the midst of it. So, which direction should we move in? Digital challenges require well-thought-out digital solutions, particularly when it comes to security. That’s why our IT and Development Team stays consistently up-to-date with new and improved approaches to pave the way for the future. Being one step ahead is a principle deeply ingrained in our mindset.

For healthcare professionals, the new data protection law will continue to play a crucial role in the future. Technologies like wearables and process digitization offer better and faster access to data. However, this access should also be adequately safeguarded. For professionals and doctors, the electronic patient record will also take center stage in the future. Proper preparations must naturally be made here!

So, always strive to stay informed and up to date!

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