The Benefits of Online Booking for Healthcare Professionals


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Digitalization. E-health. Digital transformation. These terms are probably nothing new to you (and might even be getting a bit boring). However, they are on everyone’s lips – and for good reason. As the public increasingly relies on digital technologies in many areas of life, healthcare professionals and facilities must not only take note of this but also effectively incorporate it into their offerings. Fortunately, these sometimes complex buzzwords can be translated into a few simple and actionable steps (such as online booking) that will ensure you, as healthcare professionals are not only keeping up with the digital highway but even accelerating into the fast lane.

In this article, we will explain why online booking has become one of the most sought-after topics in digital healthcare – and what you can expect when you offer it.

More Smart, less Phone

Most people in Switzerland own and use a smartphone – big surprise, right? To be precise, about 8 out of 10 individuals in Switzerland use the internet function of their smartphones daily. If we focus on adults, the results are even more pronounced: 92% own a smartphone, and out of those, 97% use it on a daily basis. The “phone” component of the smartphone is becoming increasingly secondary. These numbers also have an impact on consumer behavior – there are clear indications that people in Switzerland tend to use their smartphones as their primary source of information and ultimately for their final actions.

Regarding online booking specifically, the Swiss eHealth Barometer (an annual study on the current state of digital health in Switzerland) also provides some interesting statistics. The 2022 study states that 71% of participants consider the ability to book appointments online as an “important/very important” criterion when selecting a healthcare professional.

By integrating online booking into your offering, you can reach these 7 out of 10 individuals and provide added value to your existing patients, offering them a new level of flexibility to book their next appointment anywhere and anytime.

More Time, less Back and Forth

With online booking, you have the ability to configure the patient’s booking experience (from the type of consultation needed to any other information you find useful), eliminating the need for them to pick up the phone and call you or your practice. This saves valuable time on the phone and avoids potential back and forth between parties to find a suitable appointment. With online booking, your patients can see your availability – as defined by you – and book an available slot effortlessly.

Additionally, with the mobile OneDoc apps (available on the App Store and Google Play Store), your patients can keep track of your availability no matter where they are. Take a look and see how their day, week, or month is shaping up. This way, you always know what’s going on and are well-prepared for everything.

More Flexibility, fewer No-Shows

In addition to the flexibility that arises from the ability to book an appointment without having to make a phone call, your patients also benefit from the option to schedule their next appointment outside of your regular office hours. Whether it’s on the weekend, late in the evening, or on a holiday, with online booking, your practice is always open.

When it comes to the actual appointment, online booking provides another crucial advantage: the reminder function. In our busy and hectic schedule, it’s easy to overlook or forget about an appointment. This is where automated SMS reminders come into play, proven to significantly reduce the number of missed appointments – up to 75%.

More Conciseness, less Chitchat

The benefits of online booking are clear: it provides your patients and prospective patients with a modern offering that aligns with today’s patient behavior, opens your practice around the clock for new customers, frees up time for your team, and reduces the number of missed appointments (did we mention the avoided paperwork?). What’s not to love about it?

Get in touch with your wonderful sales team today to find out how OneDoc can take your practice to the next level.


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