Our Commitments

We are committed to the protection of your data and to the confidentiality of your medical information

Data ownership guaranteed

All data is the sole property of healthcare professionals, hospitals and patients using OneDoc. Our team does not have access to it

Our data is encrypted and stored in Switzerland…

We have decided to host all our services and back up our data exclusively on platforms based in Switzerland. We are proud to have been awarded the Label “Swiss made software, hosted in Switzerland”

… in the strict respect of medical secrecy

All OneDoc employees are contractually subject to medical secrecy and data confidentiality.

data protection
iso 27001

OneDoc is certified ISO 27001 and DPCO! 

The protection of our customer data is our priority and has been at the core of our philosophy since day one. Find out how OneDoc ensures that your data is only accessed by those it is intended for.

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We follow FMH recommendations


On their OneDoc profil page, health professionals can introduce their practice and communicate easily important information about their work.

Health professionals reviews

It can be tricky to rate health care as a patient. Therefore we have chosen not to offer the possibility to review health professionals but to focus on access to care.

Search results impartiality

OneDoc treats each one of its partners equally and with fairness. Nobody can buy the right to be prioritised on search results.

Search results depend on the number of availabilities and on proximity vs search location.

fmh recommandation

We are supported by the confederation and are developing our entire service in Switzerland

Supported by Innosuisse

OneDoc is supported by Innosuisse and several partners involved in innovation and support for promising companies in Switzerland!

100% Made in Switzerland

We are proud to develop and operate OneDoc 100% from Switzerland, and we are certified as such!

Our business model is transparent

Monthly subscription

Health professionals and hospitals pay a monthly fee to benefit from our services. We have no other economic model. Our services are free of charge for patients.

No advertising

We do not (and will never) finance ourselves through advertising.

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