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OneDoc is officially ISO 27001 and DPCO certified!


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OneDoc is pleased to announce that we are now officially ISO 27001 certified. But what does this mean in practice? In the following article, we will outline to you what exactly it means to be ISO 27001 certified, and why such a certification is so important for privacy and data protection.

ISO 27001 and DPCO? What is that?

The “ISO 27001” certification is an information security standard established by the International Standards Organisation. In other words, it certifies that a certain entity (such as OneDoc) has proven that they meet the requirements set by ISO for information security. The DPCO, on the other hand, is the certification of data protection management systems according to Swiss data protection legislation.

The main focus is on data integrity and security, which is especially important when dealing with sensitive data, such as health data. As this is sensitive personal data as it refers to information which, if not properly secured, could lead to breaches of the privacy of the data subjects. Therefore, special care is needed. In this sense, this data must only be accessible and handled by the recipients for whom it is intended.

Both certifications thus confirm that an organisation complies with all standards set, which include periodical examinations of data security risks, implementation of information security controls and focus management on these controls. Technical jargon aside, it means that an organisation meets the requirements of ISO 27001 and DPCO when it comes to securely handling data.

Great! But what does this mean for OneDoc?

Good question. At OneDoc, we are fully aware of how important the handling of your data is to you – especially when it comes to health. Whether you’re a patient, a healthcare professional or an institution utilising OneDoc’s digital features – the protection of your data is our main priority. That’s why our focus on data security and integrity is one of our core principles and has been at the heart of our philosophy – from day one. We are patients ourselves; we know that it is vital that any organisation that handles health data must be up to scratch and held to rigorous standards to protect it.

And what does this mean for me, as a OneDoc customer or patient?

Whether you are a patient using OneDoc to book your next medical appointment or a healthcare professional offering online appointment booking, it’s the same: your data is secured to the highest level with us – and this double certification is further proof of that. This is because it confirms that all OneDoc employees follow rigorous processes in the area of information security management. In this sense, we do everything we can to protect your information.

Whether you book appointments online or via the OneDoc mobile app, which you can download from the App Store or Play Store, or speak to the healthcare professional of your choice via our video consultation service, your data is encrypted and secure. So you can go ahead and enjoy the convenience of OneDoc with full confidence that your data is in good hands.

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