OneDoc now offers video consultation

Our mission at OneDoc is to simplify the daily lives of patients and healthcare professionals in Switzerland. Faced with the COVID-19 crisis, it made sense for us to focus on developing a solution for our doctor partners.

We have therefore urgently developed a video consultation module, initially planned for summer 2020, in collaboration with general practitioners and specialists, as well as medical groups, notably Magellan and Arsanté.


What is video consultation?

This module offers a secure “peer to peer” video connection between the doctor and the patient, through a computer, tablet or smartphone. Information security is guaranteed because the video stream is transmitted directly from the doctor to the patient and does not pass through the OneDoc servers, unlike the commercial solutions available on the market such as Skype, Zoom or Google Meet.


How does it work?

Patients make an appointment for a video consultation with one of our doctor partners on our website Then, 10 minutes before the consultation, they receive a link by SMS and email to connect to the virtual consultation room, which the doctor will join for the consultation.

The video consultation is billed directly by the doctor as part of the legal TARMED tariff. It is recognized by all Swiss health insurance companies. A video consultation costs on average 50.- CHF. OneDoc does not receive any percentage of this consultation.


How much does it cost for health professionals?

Re-affirming its commitment to the fight against the coronavirus, OneDoc offers this module free of charge to all of its health professionals partners in Switzerland until the end of the COVID-19 pandemic period, and at least until end of May 2020. This includes:

  1. Module installation & synchronisation with the doctor’s system by the OneDoc team.
  2. Health professionals and medical assistants training and support services after installation.

The video consultation module is an addition to the existing online booking module.


How does installation work ?

The installation is done remotely (following OFSP recommendations) with the OneDoc team. Interested health professionals can register on or send an email to: . OneDoc integrates with most medical software, such as

  • Mediway
  • MediOnline
  • Aeskulap
  • TriadMED
  • Achilles
  • I-agenda (Medes)
  • Winlogie
  • Mediboard
  • PulseMedica
  • Zawin
  • Vitomed
  • Liris

Learn more about OneDoc : for patients and for health professionals.

Read the press release.

Geneva, Tuesday the 24th of March 2020.

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Read the press release.